8 Foot Closed Cell Foam - 60" wide

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Building your own poker table from the ground up is like erecting a shrine to the poker gods. You just can't cut corners on materials. When it comes to selecting your padding for the playing area and rail, you want a seamless, single sheet for superlative playability, you want a responsive surface with great chip bounce that maintains its shape, you want compression strength so you can stack your chips high, and you want to make sure that any spills never make their way to the wood beneath. So get the best foam for the job.

This table foam is high-density, closed cell, and manufactured to the highest standards.

That means it features great compression strength and resiliency, low water absorption, and maintains a consistent 1/4" standard casino thickness with a surface that is smooth, pliable, soft and nonabrasive. Perfect for both the playing surface and rail, if you're buying for a custom poker table build, this is your foam.

Each roll of foam is 8 feet long and 60" wide, which will easily outfit a standard table up to 8' x 5' with a single, seamless cut. We recommend buying a second roll of foam to double or even triple-pad your rail. The poker gods will accept no less.

The 8 Foot Closed Cell Foam - 60" wide is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024